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PNJ Rubber Slime Pump


Product Description

Characteristics and Applications

PNJ and PNJF type single-stage single-suction centrifugal rubber lining pump can be used to convey ore pulp of solid particles without sharp corners. The peak concentration of the conveying pulp is 65% (by weight) and the temperature shall not exceed 60℃. The two types of pump have the same structure but are made of different materials. PNJF type pump is dedicated to convey corrosive pulp.



According to different purposes, the pump spindles of PNJ and PNJF type pump are made of high quality carbon steel and nickel chromium steel respectively; the sheaths are made of wear resistant rubber and wear-resistant acidproof rubber and steel plate respectively. The impeller is cast steel skeleton (25PN and 25PNJF type pump are cast iron skeleton) with outer lining of wear-resistant rubber and wear-resistant acidproof rubber respectively.  


PNJ and PNJF type pumps have packing seal and vice impeller seal (25PNJ and 25PNJF pumps have only vice impeller seal). Generally the pumps are supplied with packing seal. If you choose vice impeller seal, please inform us when ordering. When the pump is sealed with vice impeller, the inlet influx height shall be no more than 5m water column (for 25PNJ and 25PNJF pumps, no more than 1.5m water column). 

The outlet of 2PNJB and 2PNJFB can be installed at different directions at 45°interval. The outlet of 4PNJFB can be installed at different directions within 270°at 45°interval. The outlet of 6PNJB and 6PNJFB can be installed at different directions within 270°at 30°interval. The outlet of 25PNJ and 25PNJF can be installed at different directions at 90°interval. Unless special instructions, the pumps are supplied with vertical upward outlet. From the drive direction, the rotating direction of the pump is anticlockwise.

Model Implication


2-outlet diameter 2 inches; 25-outlet nominal diameter 25mm; P-trash pump; N-slurry; J-rubber; F-corrosion resistant; B-second time improvement

Performance Range

Quantity of flow(Q): 12~400 m3/h

Head of delivery (H): 11.5~111m

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