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Flow Passage Components (High Cr)

Product Description:

1、Shrouded impeller: composed of blades, front shroud and back shroud. The shrouded impeller has higher efficiency but is difficult to manufacture. It is mostly used in centrifugal pump and is suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other clean liquids with small viscosity and no particles.   

2、Semi-open impeller: there are generally two kinds of structure. One is front semi-open type, which is composed of back shroud and blades. This structure has low efficiency. A seal ring with adjustable clearance is needed to improve its efficiency. The other is back semi-open type, which is composed of front shroud and blades. This kind of impeller can use the same seal ring with shrouded impeller, so its efficiency is basically the same with shrouded impeller. In addition to conveying fluid, the blades also have back blade and vice impeller seal function. The semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying fluid containing solid particles, fiber and other suspended solids. The semi-open impeller is easy to manufacture with low cost. And it is well-adapted. It has been more and more widely used in centrifugal pumps in oil refining and chemical engineering. It is also used to convey clean water and other liquids similar to clean water. 

3、Open impeller: there are only blades and blade strengthening ribs, no front and back shroud. The number of blades is 2-5. This type of impeller has low efficiency and is not widely used. It is mainly used to convey liquid with high viscosity and slurry.

The blades of the impeller for centrifugal pump are generally backward bent, in cylindrical or twisted shape. The twisted blades can reduce the load of blades and improve the suction performance of the centrifugal pump, thus improving cavitation resistance. But it is difficult to manufacture and the cost is higher. The impeller of oil refining and chemical engineering centrifugal pump are required to be cast or all welded overall water pump impeller. Welded pump impeller developed in recent years, mainly used for special centrifugal pumps used in chemical engineering which are made of metals with poor casting performance like iron and alloy. The geometric accuracy and surface smoothness of welded pump impeller are superior to cast impeller and is conducive to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.

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