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Research and Application of Modified Polyurethane Elastomer Technology in the Flow Passage Components of Sand Pump

The successful application of modified polyurethane in the flow passage components of sand pump (slurry pump/slime pump) is attributed to its excellent resistance to wear and cavitation. By replacing metal materials with this material, a lot of money can be saved. The worn components can be repaired and reused, thus greatly saving cost, and meeting the requirements of “building a conservation-oriented society”. According to different working conditions and equipment, Naite hascarried out wide analysis and experiments and has obtained fruitful achievements:

1. The original service life of the impeller of the 4-inch slime pump used in a sand silt pumping project is 75-120h. After using modified polyurethane elastomer impeller, the service life is 720h, which is 6-10 times that of the original service life. 

2The impeller entrance of a 48Sh—22 water supply pump of a thermal power plant has serious cavitation erosion and has applied modified polyurethane coating. It turns out that the surface course of the modified polyurethane coating has no cavitation phenomena, while the epoxy and nylon coating has been damaged.


3The general service life of the spare parts of the 6/4D woman pump used to convey tailings in a gold concentration plant is about 30 days. After using modified polyurethane elastomer parts, the service life can be extended by 2 times. 


4The service life of the pump case end cover of the 2-inch sand pump used to convey pulp in an iron mine is less than one month. After being treated with modified polyurethane elastomer, its service life can reach 3 months.

5The outer wear ring of a pump adopts steel-plastic composite modified polyurethane elastomer wear-resisting ring, and the service life is increased to 5000h from less than 300h.


As history progresses, time develops. In order to further improve the abrasion resistance properties of modified polyurethane,the new generation of modified polyurethane material which has been researched by the researchers of Naite Company for 3 years will come to a conclusion as the process becomes mature and smooth experiment on water turbine. In the near future, the high performance material will push the life of the sand pump flow components on a new step, thus bringing greater economic benefit to users. “Keep improving, pursue excellence, and provide users with high quality product and service” is the goal of Naite people.

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